so spring is springing up around me…

and here i sit still bummed out. gone are the easy days of summer that come with youth. nowadays it’s figuring out how all the stuff i need to get done gets done, and all the bills get paid. i used to really enjoy the change in seasons because it would bring about a change in the way i lived my life. now it just means that it’ll be a bit lighter when i get up for work. trying to just enjoy the new smells of spring. but all i can seem to think about is springs in the past, and the summers that they led to. i’m missing that feeling of close friends and party vibes.

that was yesterday. today i’m feeling good. (thank goodness) 17 days til my 30th bday and i feel like i’m getting better not older. feeling like i could conquer anything. walked to & from work this morning and i feel awesome. now to clean the house a bit. so sad that i have to clean the house before the maid gets here, tells you just how disorganized it is. oh well. my computer desk makes me happy so maybe i should just spend all my time here. maybe i should become a writer so this is where i could be all day. lol. sigh… enough procrastination, off to do some cleaning. will try to post again today. the pics are from my walks this morning.

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