up & down, and down & up…

having a low moment i posted on fb the following… “tired of being poor… tired of each day being filled with another hurdle, another challenge… why is it that my positivity doesn’t attract positive things to my daily life?” and the outpouring of positivity from friends around the world. was truly amazing and wonderful. one friend said “with every up must come a down. there must be a down for every up and an up for every down to maintain balance and WHEN you make it past your hurdles you will be on the UP again! enjoy that time when it comes cause you’ve worked hard for it!”… the best way to put it into perspective for sure. so here’s to trying to just enjoy the journey.

physically, personally and spiritually i feel at my best but financially i have hit an all time low. i love my job. i love teaching pilates. i love my clients. but right now is a really slow time and client attendance is at an all time low. going to have to step up the marketing and really self promote because i am suffering from a bit of a drought.

but let go and let god. i pray that if i continue to be a good person, and i work hard at improving my qualifications it will all pay off. besides who knows where i’ll be in a few years. or what i’ll be doing. i can just hope and pray that i’ll enjoy what i am doing. “find a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” ~ confucius

i hope to one day enjoy a life of positivity. of quiet gardening with a life companion that has an easy smile, quiet strength and never-ending charm. a job that satisfies, challenges and keeps me motivated. until then i will endure. i will survive. this too shall pass.

p.s. correspondence from friends far away has made my day.

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