what i love thursday…

i read a lot of blogs. some about fashion, some about cooking… and some for just pure self-love & happiness. gala darling is one of those on top of the list for self-love. so when i read today’s post about things gala loves, i thought that it would be great to sit down at this moment and list all the things i love.

i love that i’m in a fabulous suite in the Venetian, in Vegas baby! Found a great location for the wedding this November… fingers crossed that we can confirm the reception space… got the ceremony, got the dinner, so this is the last piece of the puzzle so i’ll finally be able to chill and enjoy the planning process.

loving pinks & blushes, feathers & ruffles, peonies & wild roses… i love everything girlie at the moment. especially when it has to do with the wedding. check out this dress. it’s a little too pink. i’m prefer a softer pink. but LOVE the style.

love my new corset i bought myself for valentine’s day. super skinny sexiness. makes me think with the right wedding dress i could look so skinny on the big day! yay to that!

just finishing up packing & then heading off to NYC to finish off the trip. W here we come!

i love fridays. especially ones in foreign places! : )

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