Sing your own songs…

Sing your own songs with your own distinct voice, and give the beauty of your joyful, creative self to each moment. Let your very own light shine brilliantly today, and every day, on all of life. ~ Ralph Marston

to be creative and joyful, begins with gratitude. so today i am grateful for… the fact that it is friday! although i do have to work both saturday & sunday, but at least tomorrow is a bit of a sleep in day and i only have 2 clients tomorrow, maybe 3. i have to admit that even though i work most weekends, i still love how weekends feel. plus sundays at the studio, it’s just me working so it’s peaceful because it becomes totally my space.

i am also grateful for my health. can’t help but think of some of my close friends who suffer with all sorts of various diseases and issues that cause pain. being that i spend more time with my clients than i do my friends or family, they become my friends and family. i ache for them when they come to me stiff and tight with pain. being able to find ways to ease that is so life affirming. that is one of the most beautiful things about teaching, if you are doing it right you not only get your students to connect with the information but also with you.

ok so no more saving drafts to publish later. going to post right away. because now it is sunday and i wrote this post two days ago. but have to admit weekend was very productive. house is finally starting to be clean, just in time to leave it with the dogsitter. lol. but hopefully this trip will be productive too. hopefully all will go well.

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